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Window Tint Done Right 

Block Out The Sun.

Ceramic Window Tint Minneapolis

Restore. Preserve. Maintain. Most people don’t see window tinting as fitting into these categories, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! For us, tinting your windows isn’t so much as a cosmetic matter. Rather window tint truly is one of the best ways to help preserve the interior surfaces of your car. Tint technology has advanced leaps and bounds- we use only the best Suntek window tint films!

Why Should I Tint?

Window tint serves three purposes. Style, Privacy, Heat Rejection. Plain and simple, if heat rejection is your primary goal, STOP! do not pass go, head down to our shop and let us show you our IR (infrared) window tint. Infrared film works differently than all other films. It is comprised of dozens of very thin layers. The film traps the heat on the glass and the glass quickly dissipates the heat. This technology was originally designed for government buildings and is now available in the car market. We have all shades of this film available so you can style your car however you’d like, but what makes this tint unique is that you can tint your car with an extremely light shade that will produce more heat rejection than 99% of the darker films on the market. Tint can be for everyone!

Why Us?

Suntek CXP

We only use the best film or we don’t do the job! All of our tint jobs include your choice of either Suntek Carbon XP or Suntek Carbon IR (Infrared). Both of these films are the best of the best!

Lifetime Warranty

All of our Suntek tint is warrantied for life. It will not fade or discolor over time.

2 Year Installation Warranty

If it’s not right- we will redo it and make it right.

Simply Unmatched in Quality and Service